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I'm trying to get an Ubuntu Cloud image running on my local KVM installation.

I am downloading the qcow2 image from here:

And using the instructions from here:

I cannot find a way to get the password for the instance. The instructions say that GRUB creates the password on first boot and that it is written to the console. What I haven't found is a way to read what is sent to the console. It scrolls too fast to view in the VNC console.

It seems like there should be a way to send console output to a file, but if there is such a method I cannot find it.

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If you're following the documentation for "Local Hypervisor Natty onward", then you should be able to log in with ubuntu and passw0rd.

cloud-init in 12.04 images has a more straight forward way of providing customization data to images than the OVF data source that is described there.

For documentation on setting the password for 12.04 cloud images see:

The cloud-init project is hosted on launchpad at:

For more information on the cloud init project see the documentation at

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