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I'm not sure of any of the terminology, so I'll have to explain things simply, to make sure you understand what I'm saying.

I'm using Gnome 3, and when I bring the mouse to the bottom right of the screen, a bar pops up, with icons of some things that are running in the background (at the moment, mine has "Update Manager", "Removable Devices", "caffeine-cup").

Is there any way to move these items to the bar at the top of the screen, alongside the icons for volume, network connectivity and universal access (how do I get rid of that btw)?

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For removing the Universal Access button, try the Accessibility Remover extension. – tanius Feb 17 '14 at 18:01

Yes, there is! :)

Install the extension Status Icon Fixer.

Then go to the extension's file and edit with a text editor.




Inside extension.js you'll find a line like function enable() {.

After that line, add a line with what you want to be on the top bar:

StatusIconDispatcher.STANDARD_TRAY_ICON_IMPLEMENTATIONS['audacious'] = 'audacious';

Remove audacious and put what you want.

Another example:

StatusIconDispatcher.STANDARD_TRAY_ICON_IMPLEMENTATIONS['dropbox'] = 'dropbox';
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