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I want to open a pdf file multiple times with evince. I want to do this to be able to look at different sections of the same file at the same time. Everytime I try to open the file again, it only brings up the already opened evince window with my pdf file. I also tried to open a new evince window and then opening my file by using the menu of evince.

Is there any possibility to do this?

I also have the same issue with gedit. I managed to open the same text file twice, but everytime I save my file an annoying bar in the other window tells me that my file was modified.

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In evince you can use File --> Open a Copy to open another window showing the same file.

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Well, that was easy. Thanks. – Wauzl Apr 21 '12 at 10:38
It's a nice feature and all. But first they create a problem, by ignoring multiple invocations, then they give you a menu entry to work around the problem they created. Grr. – Adrian Ratnapala Apr 19 '14 at 7:26
Heh! It's so easy!) Feel like a noob (maybe it's true) ;P – Timur Fayzrakhmanov Dec 13 '14 at 9:36

The accepted answer for this doesn't work for Evince anymore. To view the document multiple times in that program, select "View in new window" from the menu.

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In Ubuntu 14.04 the menu of Evince is patched to have the old menus. Nevertheless your answer is (probably) correct for everyone who does not use an old or patched version of Evince. Thank you! – Wauzl May 6 '14 at 7:46

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