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I am trying to apply GPO for client Ubuntu machines in a centralized way.

Is it possible to apply GPO in ubuntu 10.04 ( other than using likewise Enterprise)? Until now my client machines have been able to login with with my windows domain/username with the help of LIKEWISE-OPEN .

But I want to restrict my client machines via GROUP POLICY . Is this possible without using the commercial packages, e.g., LIKEWISE-ENTERPRISE and Centrify?

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this is kind of what LDAP is for, and there was another question on this topic a while back: How to apply group policy?

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thanx,, :) but i am able to join my machine to Windows Domain with LIKEWISE-open but I don't know is this possible to add those machine to group policy manager or not..? because I do not want to go for the payble packages eg LIKEWISE-ENTERPRISE and Centrify.. – supriya swapnam Apr 27 '12 at 10:18

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