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I have a Windows/Ubuntu dual boot system, using three drives. Drive1 contains windows, drive2 contains downloads, music, videos and so on, drive3 contains Ubuntu.

I would like to have drive2 mounted automatically (assuming I have to edit fstab), the real question is if there is anyway I can store some (not all) of Ubuntu's "standard home folders" for example have downloads and videos there. Would this be possible? I

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First, make sure your drive2 is auto-mounted, most installs manage to configure that automatically, but you can edit fstab as shown here How to auto-mount ntfs partitions

Once you have drive2 mounted, create folders on that hard drive/partition where you want to store your videos and downloads, and then create softlinks or symlinks to those folders in your home directory. Like this (type these commands when you are in your home directory)-

cd ~

mkdir /path/to/drive2/mount-point/Videos

ln -s /path/to/drive2/mount-point/Videos

This should work for almost all programs as if you had the Video folder in your home directory.

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I went a head and did this, works as intended, thanks! – Willov Apr 19 '12 at 20:48

I would just change the default download location for your specific browser... I can't really offer much more detail because I do not know what browser you are using.

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Assuming the drive where your videos/downloads/documents are, is NTFS. Run this

sudo apt-get install pysdm

press the windows key in your keyboard. and Type in storage device manager. When prompted give your password. Select your drive2(sda1/2/3) whichever you have your media files on select assistant, mount file-system in read-only mode, ok. And then apply, on the lower left corner, hit refresh. Now reboot your system.

To change the default folder you must install Ubuntu-tweak like so.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

open ubuntu-tweak via dash

then go to administrators > default Folder locations >


select which folder you want to change. like the folder Documents then, on the lower right screen, click edit. Select which folders you want to change.


Document /media/sda3/Documents 
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