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I'm a .NET developer and usually I wrote apps/services that can run under Linux using Mono.
Today I started using DOTNET php function and I was able to use it on Windows/Apache:

    $csclass = new DOTNET("CSharpCOM, Version=, Culture=neutral, ".
    echo $csclass->Base64("Io mi chiamo Marco Giacinti"),"\n";
    echo $csclass->Random2(10,20),"\n";
    echo $csclass->Random1(5),"\n";
} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo 'Caught exception: ',  $e->getMessage(), "\n";

where CSharpCOM.CSharpCOMClass is a DLL developed with Framework 3.5 and installed in GAC using gacutil -i path\CSharpCOMClass.dll.
When I save this script as dotnet.php and navigate to http://localhost/dotnet.php Apache respond with

HTTP 500 internal error

Is there any way to use DOTNET php function on Ubuntu?

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The documentation for DOTNET() are in the "Windows Only Extensions" section. I'm guessing that the other PHP binaries don't even have this function compiled.

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