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I've created a webapp for a website with Chromium. The problem is that the icon it's a small size one and it doesn't look nice. How can I change the icon with one created by me?

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The easiest way to do this is downloading a picture (preferably .png format with at least 96x96 pixel) and then right-clicking on the application link.
Go to properties and click on the icon shown on the left-hand side of the properties dialog.
You can now choose a picture.
Point to the location you have saved the picture you want to use at (for example Downloads) and then just select the image file you'd like to use.

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Thanks a lot! I don't know why I haven't think of that. I guess I'm used to have a button "change icon". – Iulian Apr 15 '12 at 21:16

When you save the webapp, save it to Desktop only. Open a text editor, such as gedit or Kate, and press Ctrl+O to Open a file. Navigate to your desktop within the file open dialog and you will see a file named "chrome_http___....desktop" or something similar. Open it and then replace the line that says Icon:chrome-http___... (or similar) and replace it with Icon:/home/[username]/path/to/icon/you/want.png. To put the application in your Dash/Kickoff/Activities/Menu/Whatever launcher, press Alt+F2 then run

gksu nautilus

or, on KDE

kdesu dolphin

from there, navigate to the file for the webapp and copy it to /usr/share/applications

Note that launching the webapp will still show it in your launcher/dock/Icon-Only-Task-Manager as Chromium, not by it's name and icon. I do not know of a way to fix this, please edit this or comment if you do.

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Well, I've done as Daniel said and the icon is shown on the dock/launcher. Just change the icon and than drag it to the dock and it will be fine, at least in my case. – Iulian Apr 15 '12 at 21:48
take a look at… for a solution for fixing how the launcher displays the webapp; This also fixes the ability to pin a launcher. – stonecrusher Apr 22 at 20:10

The default webapp icons are in ~/.local/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/apps/

Ubuntu will look for the icons in the order of the size, i.e. from 192x192 all the way down to 16x16.

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