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I'd like to install BURG but I don't want it to overwrite my MBR. That's because I've got two bootloaders in my system :

  • Default Windows 7 in MBR
  • Grub in /dev/sda2

With the first power button, it will boot into Windows and with the second button it boots from /dev/sda2, loading Grub and then Kubuntu.

Now I want to replace GRUB with BURG. I've installed Burg with

burg-install /dev/sda2 --force

because I don't want my MBR to be overwritten (pressing the first power button MUST load Windows and avoid showing any sign of Linux).

Setup was completed without errors, If I open burg-manager it loads my settings, allowing me to change them and to test everything with burg-emu, so I've changed my settings but the second power button still loads GRUB (Even a different version from the default Kubuntu one).

How can I replace GRUB that's on /dev/sda2 with BURG and without overwriting MBR?

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Everything seems to be ok with what you've done. Are you sure your second power button refers to /dev/sda2? – Jakob Apr 24 '12 at 7:59
It does! Yesterday I updated to 12.04 and, while waiting for the update to complete, I've found out that the second power button called /boot/grub/core.img, so I've changed it to /boot/burg/core.img and it seems to work now ! – StepTNT May 3 '12 at 10:11

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