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Do you know how I can produce my own songs on Ubuntu (11.04). Something like Fruity Loops oder Magix Music Maker on Windows, just for Ubuntu?

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Some software available for ubuntu are Ardour, Audacity, ubuntu-studio LMMS and hydrogen
Making Music on Ubuntu Linux
Making Music(Beats) on Linux/Ubuntu with Hydrogen
LMMS is something like Fruity Loops. also ubuntu studio is good.

Hope this helped.Go on make some MUSIC!!!!!!!

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There's nothing as easy as FL Studio in linux. but if you combine some of the applications, you can have pretty much same advantages.


  • LMMS/Guitarix/zynaddsubfx for creating music tracks.
  • Hydrogen for creating Drum loops
  • Ardour for Mixing
  • Jack for connecting all these together

These tools are very much powerful specially Ardour is a mature project. pretty much replaces Fl studio for me.

you can find many good video tutorial in Youtube to start up.

Happy music making.

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You can use LMMS for music. For drumbeats, I'd recommend Hydrogen.

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I just found this great blog listing of music software for Ubuntu.

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If you go into software center and install the newest version of Wine, you can install FL Studios 10 and 11. During the installation skip installing asio drivers. I use FL Studio 10 on Ubuntu 12.04 w/Wine.

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