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This is my very first boot on ubuntu and I noticed the system did not open, pop up anything when I inserted a DVD. Researched a bit about and it seems ubuntu doesn't mount cd drives automatically, is that true or just for my case?

I tried some terminal commands and got the cd to mount. Is there a way it will behave like windows, and be there for me when I need it, with no need to play with terminal?

thanks for any help.


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In ubuntu cdrom mounts automatically , ,you can see the cdrom icon on the launcher no need of external commands. Btw which command is ised to mount your cdrom? – Tachyons Apr 15 '12 at 2:40

It normally defaults to auto-mount, auto-play, etc. But you can change that. For my system (Oneiric Gnome), in the "System Settings", "Removable Media", there are settings to "Select how media should be handled". There is a button for "Other Media...", and includes blank disks, etc. You can have it ask, do nothing, or run a program.

But I believe it normally will automount, although there is an option for whether it's visible on the desktop. It should be available in the file manager, in the /media folder, though.

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