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I have version 11.10 and am having trouble login in can only access guest account and cannot get into adminastrator account. I have gone to root menu and tried to enter password change it posts authentication token manipulation error password unchanged. What can i do to get back adminastration account?

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In the worst case, you can boot an Ubuntu liveCD, open a terminal window, become root, and mount the hard drive on the troubled system. From there you could save important files, edit the /etc/sudoers to make it easier to get root, or take other steps... – Paul Apr 15 '12 at 2:43

This question is answered here. Remount root with read/write privileges.

Authentication token manipulation error

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Go to console by Ctrl-Alt-F1 and login as yourself, you will be your home directory. Then simply delete the .Xauthority and reboot using the following command:

sudo rm .Xauthority`
sudo shutdown -r now`

Then you should be able to login under your profile.

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