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I had Ubuntu 12.04 BETA installed on my entire HD. Then I decided to also install Linux Mint Debian Edition 121204 (LMDE).

  1. With gparted I shrunk my /home to make room for one more distro
  2. I created the partitions needed for LMDE, but figured I could use the same swap
  3. I installed LMDE - no errors. During install I selected to install GRUB to /dev/sda

    • Grub shows Linux Mint Debian Edition, but no sign of Ubuntu
    • The new LMDE install will not boot
    • I can use LMDE from USB stick, which is what I use right now
    • My Ubuntu /home has data that is not backed up (must recover)

If I can boot back into Ubuntu to back up I am OK again. Please help.

From gparted (sda8 and sda9 is the new ones after shrinking sda7)
/dev/sda1   ext4        20 GB  Flags: boot
/dev/sda2   extended   912 GB
  dev/sda5    ext4        20 GB
  dev/sda6    linux-swap   4 GB
  dev/sda7    ext4       585 GB
  dev/sda8    ext4        20 GB
  dev/sda9    ext4       285 GB
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Recovering your /home should be easy with your Live USB, simply mount the partition and copy to an external HDD. As for editing GRUB, hopefully someone else can help.

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