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As part of an installation process I am instructed to install libgs10-dev, however I cannot find any reference to this package outside of this installation guide ("Hacking the Kinect", Apress, 2012).

Firstly, what is this package?

Secondly, how can I install this package (apt-get install does not seem to find it)?

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Could it possibly be a typo and actually should read "libgsl0-dev" (i.e. 'L' not '1')? – Josh Apr 13 '12 at 20:52
Having seen the context, yes, actually, libgsl0-dev is more likely than libgs-dev. – Gilles Apr 13 '12 at 20:57
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Packages called libSOMETHING-dev (or sometimes ANYTHING-dev) are development packages, which you need to compile programs from source when the program uses the libSOMETHING library. Occasionally the package name itself contains a version number, to allow the simultaneous installation of several version.

Ubuntu doesn't have a libgs10-dev package, but it has libgs-dev. Install that. The same goes for any other package with a version number in its name — try removing or changing the number.

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This was a typo in the instructions. It should be libgsl0-dev. They erroneously substituted a numeric one for the second letter "l"

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libgs relates to scientific computing libraries, which the RGBD demo in the book requires to run computer vision and matrix computations. Basically a linear algebra library.

I have the book as well and it seems libgs10 is a typo - it should be libgsl0 (l for lion, not 1). I simply corrected the typo and it installed beautifully.

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