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I have several folders in the Ubuntu one folder and if I add a new file (on my PC and on my Mobile) the file shows up in the other device or in the online access.

However, if I change one of the files (like a spreadsheet I change almost daily on my PC) Ubuntu one is not updating the changed file. It is still the old file on the other devices.

Doesn't Ubuntu one sync changed files only new ones or do I have to change some settings?

Could someone be so nice and help me?

Thanks in advance!


PS: I am using Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit.

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+1 to this - I use Ubuntu One to store all my documents etc., and I often edit them on my android tablet. Currently, I need to manually re-upload the file after editing using the Ubuntu One app, which is really annoying. Would love it if it auto-synched files in the same way as the desktop app! I saw someone post this: which looks like it would do the job, but I don't want yet another app if possible :-)

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