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I've been an ubuntu user since first release but now I can't install precise beta 2 32bits and neither 64. Tried so many times, already download nighly isos but nothing. 11.10 installs smoothly (usint it). My hardware is a samsung notebook 4gb of ram.., 25 gb partition for precise. I'm gonna tell you what actually happens... I boot from usb driver and I choose my language (portuguese - brazilian) choose partition till there everything is normal. But when I Put my name user and password and give NEXT the screen to choose my region appears a click Next again and at this point I get STUCK !!! NOTHING HAPPENS. I've waited for hours and all the system freezes. When I try to reboot,, my grub is gone.

Thanks for the help.

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Questions about Ubuntu+1 bugs are offtopic here - the correct place to report this is launchpad bugtracker. Wait 2 weeks until 12.04 is released – Sergey Apr 12 '12 at 23:21
Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! This question should instead be filed as a bug report, thanks! Instructions here. – Jorge Castro Apr 12 '12 at 23:28

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This happens to me...the best way is wait to the final release to install ubuntu precise...but if you can't wait (like me) I fix it with that trick: Wait to push the next button when you put the username....yes, it's sounds weird but it's works for me. wait until the bar of progress reaches at least half of the proccess.

I'm not sure if this works for you...but you can try it.

If it not works, to give us more information, please, click the button just above the progress bar that say "see details" before click next when you put the username, roll down until you reaches the final of the "terminal" and paste the output that you see relevant. Did I explain well?

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