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When using Dropbox in Ubuntu everything seems fine, but on my Windows machine with Dropbox I end up with the file.ext~ backup/temp version of any files I opened in Ubuntu. Is there some way to prevent this? I found several forum topics about this matter on the Dropbox forum but they are all expired and unviewable. (Side note: why would you hide your forum's aggregated knowledge?)

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No current way to do it. Your best bet is to disable autosaving of the gedit files (I'm assuming thats the app you are using):

Prevent gedit from creating files with the '~' (tilde) suffix

Also, vote up this feature request with Dropbox for the option:


EDIT: the above link is broken as Votebox is discontinued. You may want to go here instead: https://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=59743

If they ever implement that, it should work for your uses (file ext would just be ~)

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