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I run windows on a ntfs partition and Lubuntu 11.10 on the other. I want to access the Thunderbird Profiles on the NTFS Partition when I'm using Lubuntu.

But I can't mount the NTFS from the beginning with fstab (tried some manual editing and default parameters using mount-manager) as everytime I rebooted, an error occured (at the lubuntu loading screen I had to press a key for ignoring the mounting and continue booting).

When I start the system without mounting via fstab, I get READ-access in the file manager. The HDD is obviusly mounted as soon as I've clicked on it in my places. It's a 120 GB SSD by the way with winXp installed.

So what could I do to still automount my NTFS? :)

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You need to install ntfs-3g if it is not already installed. Then edit fstab, I copied mine below: (change the first and maybe the second column)

UUID=3E9891A29891596B /windows        ntfs    defaults,umask=007,gid=46 0       0
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