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Been trying to install Gallium 0.4 on AMD RV620 in a new install of UBUNTU 11.10 x86_64, but I haven't got any idea of how to accomplish this.

I had it installed before, and working, but now I can't.

Any help is appreciated.



Actually the default xorg drivers are Gallium's. If one types: glxinfoat the terminhal you are greeted with the info that mesa-utils are not installed. If one installs mesa-utils typing sudo apt-get install mesa-utilsat the terminal and retyping glxinfo | grep -i galliumat the terminal one gets the correct info.

The same info can also be obtained from the system info GUI after doing the outlined above.

Greetings from this 'Tumbleweed'...

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Summing it up, it comes preinstalled, although not visible.

To make it visible it suffices to run sudo apt-get install mesa-utils in a terminal and checking the system info GUI again.


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