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i use to have when i have the computer turn on and was idle having more than 2 tasks running at same time.. but now this is not happens and it is enable at maximum of 2 tasks at same time, i don know why.

also i was able 2 do that on ubuntu 11.10 not sure if is the same using boinc on ubuntu 11.10.

so why this happens?

and how can i set up boinc 2 run more than just 2 tasks at same time in ubuntu 12.04 beta?

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The number of simultaneous tasks depends on the number of CPU cores you have. A quad-core CPU will run 4 tasks (and an extra 5th task if you have a GPU), a dual-core will run 2, etc.

Each task runs on each CPU core, and there is little point in running additional tasks beyond your CPU core count: they won't run any faster, and might run slower due to polling/switching.

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Same thing happened for me on 2 different 4-core Xeons, and a 6-core AMD Phenom. Turns out there is a setting in /var/lib/boinc-client/global_prefs.xml:


After changing that to 4 resp. 6, and sudo service boinc-client restart, all my cores were used.

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