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How to customize live Ubuntu CD?

I would like to create _custom Ubuntu cd by myself....please don't redirect me to kubuntu...

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this Might help help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization I have made many Linux CDs using it –  zeitue Apr 11 '12 at 21:00
the best answer so far is the comment above –  hbdgaf Apr 11 '12 at 21:02
@TaylorBioniks - Thank you... –  Yagnesh Mistry Apr 12 '12 at 16:24

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What about your task makes you need to use an .iso? If you want to install Kde you can install the package:


This can be done via:

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

After this has installed logout and select Kubuntu or Kde or something like that from the list of desktop next to your name where you enter your password.

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I guess i mentioned, i want to build my own custom .iso and actually i know to use apt-get.....**EASY WAY** –  Yagnesh Mistry Apr 11 '12 at 20:40

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