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I work on two different projects that use the two different versions, and I'd like to switch at will between them.

When I try to install package 'libxerces-c-dev' it wants to uninstall 'libxerces-c2-dev'.

How would I set up the two side-by-side using update-alternatives?

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This is what I did;

  • used synaptic to install xerces-2 packages
  • cd /usr/include
  • sudo cp -rp xercesc xercesc-28
  • used synaptic to install xerces-3 packages
  • cd /usr/include
  • sudo mv xercesc xercesc-31
  • sudo ln -s xercesc-31 xercesc

The above creates two key sym links; /usr/lib/, and /usr/include/xercesc. Now to configure update-alternatives to manage those two links for me;

sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/lib/ libxerces /usr/lib/ 1 --slave /usr/include/xercesc xerces-dev /usr/include/xercesc-28

sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/lib/ libxerces /usr/lib/ 2 --slave /usr/include/xercesc xerces-dev /usr/include/xercesc-31

This allows me to select between the two libxerces alternatives, and slaves the xerces-dev selection to that choice, as well. So, now I can switch between the two using;

  • sudo update-alternatives --config libxerces

update-alternatives presents a text menu, which I don't really need because I know the option numbers from the '--install' commands. To quickly bypass that, I added these to my ~/.bashrc

  • alias x28='echo "1" | sudo update-alternatives --config libxerces > /dev/null'
  • alias x31='echo "2" | sudo update-alternatives --config libxerces > /dev/null'
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