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As @user49890 in Emacs-AUCTeX-Okular I got an equal problem with Kile and Okular. In configured both for SyncTeX and it works fine when Okular is closed and Kile quickbuilds the PDF, then Okular is opened in front of Kile. But if Okular is already opened with the window behind Kile’s window it stys hidden when Kile says [ForwardPDF] test.pdf (okular)

Is this a bug or did I made a wrong setting (I’m using the predefined configurations of Okular and Kile, though).

The problem remains wether I use Okular’s --unique option or not. And Using ViewPDF instead of ForwardPDF makes no difference too.

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I use a pretty similar setup, and I experience the same thing. It could be related to one or more of the current bugs with unity and window order/focusing/etc (which also affect me), e.g.

At least that's what I put it down to until now...

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Thanks. Then it is an Ubuntu Problem and not Kile/Okular-Related right? – Tobi Apr 19 '12 at 10:19
I guess so but I'm not totally sure. I've been using Okular only for a short time (months), and it's always been that way. – Christoph Apr 19 '12 at 14:06

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