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Maybe I am boring,it's third question already.. How to run GareNa on Ubuntu 11.10? I started it via Wine,configured it,and in the bottom of the monitor,when it's starting,it's written,GARENA IS STARTING,and then nothing happens.... it's so pity,cause i am a professional dota player,i switched to linux yesterday at night. i am very pleased with the interface speed and such things but i can't get started my favourite programms Here.. Can any1 Help Me. thanks anyway again -_-

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Garena seems not to have such native client for Linux as I can see on the site, anyway, you should first try to install Wine and resolve the required dependences in order to be able to run the installer's executable and see if your software can be run this way. Remember that, even when you run an installer through Wine, your software may fail to run after installed and there are a lot of reasons of which this happens, not just Ubuntu's fault, neither Wine.

I suggest you to find an alternative for your application, a similar software that allows you to get a connection into the Garena Service itself, the same as Ventrilo is having a similar software named Mangler, which easily connects to Ventrilo's servers in order to provide full resolution bi-directional communications.

Good luck!

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