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I have problems with Banshee, and decided to remove it and re-install it, but I would like to make a complete re-installation. I used remove and purge, but still I would like to remove all user configurations left. I will appreciate any help!

Thank you!

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does this Q&A help? – fossfreedom Apr 10 '12 at 16:04
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Control+H to show hidden directories on Nautilus file browser; don't know where is banshee configuration files, maybe on .config or .gconf

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You can install Synaptic from Ubuntu Software Center and select "Complete Removal" when selecting Banshee for uninstalling.

Alternatively you can run:

apt-get --purge remove banshee

If this doesn't help you can try this.

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After purge and remove, I finally used sudo nautilus, and use CTRL-H to show hidden files, then looked for banshee-1 directory inside .local, .cache, .config, and I don't remember which one else, then reinstalled and that seemed to work. – Gilberto Garza Apr 10 '12 at 22:41

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