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I am seeking a program that can encrypt a whole hard drive when Ubuntu 12.04/ Windows 7 installed on the same drive (different partitions) using a grub loader. I cannot seem to get TrueCrypt to accept this, and I am curious if there is a work around (lol) or another open source encryption program anyone may suggest?


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I'd recommend a self-encrypting hard drive (SED). Not perfect, but they do work, and they don't slow down your system, except for bootup (assuming you are putting the decryption key in the pre-OS-boot sequence). These are becoming more mainstream in business/enterprise and widely available (Dell sells them as part of a system package, now, e.g.). Here's a vendor page with some info : Western Ditgal/HGST Self-Encrypting Drives.

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Truecrypt and grub don't get along. You can use bitlocker and chainload grub from boot.ini. Then use luks on the linux side.

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There are several commercial solutions from e.g. Symantec, but they are not cheap. The simplest solution for that is to use Bitlocker.


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