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Sorry for the long title.

So I have created an HTML signature file that I want to use in Evolution. I created it using KompoZer. I have several images that link to webpages and I made sure in KompoZer and in Firefox that there is no link borders around these images. When I load the file as my signature file in Evolution it also does not show any link borders, actually it doesn't show the pictures at all, but when I send an email with the signature, the person who gets the email always gets those ugly blue link borders around the graphics. I have sent test email s to Gmail and Yahoo! Mail accounts and I see it in both of them. Does anyone know a way I can prevent Evolution from doing this.

Any advice gladly welcome

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Any more or less decent mail client will block links to external images (they are a typical spammer & scammer tool to detect "views"). Evolution will block them (at least, by default). If GMail & Yahoo! Mail show them, then IMO that only confirms that they are bad mail clients. – JanC Nov 8 '10 at 9:45
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You could try to add the border="0" attribute to the img tags. I see that you set the borders to 0px, solid in your style attributes, but perhaps not all html renderers can interpret this (more advanced) css.

<img src="/foo/image.png" border="0" /> accomplishes the same css magic, but only using html which should be more "backward compatible"

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Ah your a genius, it worked, yipee, I can send mail with Evolution now. Thanks a lot. :-D – Stephen Judge Nov 14 '10 at 10:14

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