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I've recently upgraded Firefox.

This is the Error I receive at YouTube:

Video Player undefined for this type of media (check Tools menu, MediaPlayerConnectivity...)


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MediaPlayerConnectivity is a Firefox extension, so you need to update it through Firefox extension manager or get the latest version at

Then you need to configure it to open flash content with an external player. However, I never had much success playing flash using it.

If you are looking for a solution to play Flash without the flash plugin on YouTube, then there are better alternatives. See the "Flash Replacement" section of

I would recommend Minitube or my extension FlashVideoReplacer (doesn't play well if you have MediaPlayerConnectivity enabled).

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I'll be so dissapointed if I can't keep my install OS Jaunty 9.04 - 9.10 with upgrades, as I would like to do. Seems web is changing so fast, that if I don't upgrade, I'll be stuck with tons of things I don't know how to do ! lol :) I love ubuntu-desktop. I love reading the software in Synaptics that you all do. I know you're all very busy right now, as you like to keep it that way :) I've REALLY enjoyed the amazing experience of being with you all, as a mere user... I cannot thank you enough.

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