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Per this discussion I've enabled the Compiz commands plugin in order to try to bind some keyboard shortcuts to wmctrl actions. CCSM captures my keystrokes just fine, but no matter what keystroke I try or what command I bind it to (everything from my original intention of binding Super-1, Super-2 etc. to wmctrl -o 0,0, wmctrl -o 2560,0, etc., to binding Ctrl-Alt-Shift-L to gnome-terminal).

Basic compiz shortcuts for window switching and so on -- even custom ones -- seem to work fine, but the command plugin doesn't seem to be working at all. I also notice the following symptom: when I open the keyboard shortcut tab in CCSM, the keyboard shortcuts often at first appear blank, though if you click on the blank button, the correct value is still there.

screenshot of blank buttons

Also possibly related, I've noticed that gnome-terminal doesn't seem to notice the Super key, though other apps (e.g. CCSM, Emacs) register it fine.

Anyway, it seems like something's eating my keystrokes. Any ideas?

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I hate to suggest a workaround for your workaround but have you tried Ubuntu Tweak? It can be found here: That's how I've set up my keyboard shortcuts in the past.

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