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I used the following commands to lock my Samba installation from upgrading.

echo samba hold | dpkg --set-selections
echo samba install | dpkg --set-selections

My question is simple. How do I reverse this so that apt-get upgrade samba will work again?

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The first command you listed places a package on hold

echo samba hold | dpkg --set-selections

The second command releases the package from hold

echo samba install | dpkg --set-selections

From man dpkg


Set package selections using file read from stdin. This file should be in the format ’ ’, where state is one of install, hold, deinstall or purge. Blank lines and comment lines beginning with ’#’ are also permitted.

See also

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So using the two together like that has essentially no effect then? Everywhere I've seen that reference suggests that it will prevent Samba from updating. This is incorrect? – Nilpo Apr 9 '12 at 14:41
The two have opposite effects, you use them in conjunction , the first for a hold and the second to remove the hold. Not sure what you have been reading, look at the man page and link I gave you. – bodhi.zazen Apr 9 '12 at 14:59

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