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I have my HDD 1Tb partitioned with fs ext4. Previously I was booting from the 2TB Hard Drive...I disconnected that. Now I want a clean install 12.04 but cannot figure out "Root File System" ("/") Crazy...had the same problem 2 years ago...two weeks then...I should have written down the answer! Can anyone help an old man? Thanks

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I assume you are using the manual partitioning option - something else I think it is called.

Select the partition you want to install in - Edit - in new window select / from the dropdown - format as you wish.

Exit that back to the partition list.

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I appreciate that, "forestpiskie" but it didn't ever work for me...meaning the install menu would never get me the options. I ended up saving all my data to externals and reformatting to install ("use entire disk") It was the only way I could get it to work...after exhaustive research. – DScott Apr 15 '12 at 4:36

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