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Here's what happened: I have 2 HDDs.

1st HDD is partitioned like this: C - Windows 7 D* - Empty drive where I installed Ubuntu E - Personal Files F - Personal Files

2nd HDD is partitioned like this: G - Personal Files

*the D partition is originally part of the C partition. I resized it (using Easus Partition Master in Windows) and defragged it prior to installing Ubuntu.

I installed Ubuntu by booting to the Ubuntu Secure Remix CD, and chose the D partition to install Ubuntu. I did not create a swap drive, and I mounted the / to the D partition. I didnt know where to mount the others, so I just thought by mounting the / to D, it would be okay.

After the long installation, upon rebooting, I can't access Windows AND Ubuntu. I get an infinite bootloop and eventually the choices to boot to Safe Modes, Last Known Good Configuration and Start Windows normally. After failing in all of them, I placed the CD back and ran the Boot Repair. I chose the MBR 1st, it didn't work. I then chose the GRUB 2nd and now I was able to boot to the Ubuntu I installed, but not to my Windows 7! I'm using my newly installed Ubuntu while writing this.

I hope you can help me. I did the best I could!

Here's the link to the boot repair log:

Thanks in advance!

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Did you remember which drive did you choose to install grub? These option are in below of gparted window (where you set that mount point). I guess it was wrong and also which disk is set to boot first? Check BIOS – Web-E Apr 7 '12 at 20:00
possible duplicate of Cannot dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu? – Ringtail Apr 7 '12 at 20:39
Take a look at lines around 367. Unless that's a flashdrive, having "facebook" in the boot sector is a bit suspicious. – hexafraction Jul 16 '12 at 13:49

from bootlog, it seems your 1st boot device is second hard disk. Though windows is in Hard disk 1 (sda) the bootloader for windows is located in Hard disk 2 (sdb2).

I would suggest (safest way)

  • Remove / temporary disable 2nd hard disk with personal files.
  • Use windows 7 disk to restore windows 7. Use /fixboot and /fixmbr option if automatic start up repair failed. (google a bit)
  • Install ubuntu. Make sure grub is installing in sda1 .
  • Reboot to see if both are working properly.
  • Reconnect 2nd Hard disk, open bios. Change boot order to boot from hard disk 1.


  • Boot in windows, open disk management utility.("diskmgmt.msc"). Delete 200mb parition in 2nd hard disk and extend partition labeled as "Personal file"
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