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Is there an easy / convenient way to resize any window on Kubuntu to half width of the screen?

With todays wide screen monitors, I have enough space to fit two windows side by side, but I never do that because the Maximize-button is so easy to click and I guess I'm just too lazy to fiddle with the window width manually. Is there something as a button that resizes my window on the left half of the monitor and a button to resize to the right half of the monitor? Now the catch is that I have a two monitor set up, which would imply I can potentially fit 2 windows on each of the two monitors.

App that enables hotkeys to half-screen a window? doesn't work on Kubuntu 11.04 11.10

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Well, on Ubuntu, when dragged to the right/left of the screen fully, it will expand to one half, not sure if it's the same on KDE though.

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Works like a charm, even with double monitor setup. I noticed this behaviour before for full screen maximizing when touching the top screen border. Never realized it would work this way too. – jippie Apr 7 '12 at 19:57

Try Ctrl + Super + Left and Ctrl + Super + Right to put the active window at the left/right half of the screen. I changed the keyboard shortcut with compiz to Ctrl + Alt + Keypad 4 and Ctrl + Alt + Keypad 6 so I can also resize to the lower/upper half of the screen and to a quarter of the screen with the keypad.

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