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My basic problem is that I would like to launch graphical application (eg firefox) on a remote computer (at work) from my computer at home. The computer at work (WPC) is behind a firewall. So I'm using SSH to remotely connect to it, in text mode.

The actual configuration I use is the following :

I have the Linux PC at work WPC I have a network drive at home NWD I have my Linux PC at home HPC

On WPC, I launch " ssh -R 23000:localhost:22 user@NWD "

When I am at home, I first connect from HPC to NWD via ssh : "ssh user@NWD", and then, from NWD to WPC via "ssh -p 23000 localhost"

That is working perfectly, but there is no X server on the network drive (NWD). So I cannot cascade two ssh -X connection.

Thus, I was thinking that I may connect directly from HPC to the 23000 port of NWD ? like that (from HPC) "ssh -X -p 23000 user@NWD", but then i got a connection refused.

The first question is do you think this could work (without an X server on NWD) ?

and if yes, How do I configure the sshd on NWD to allow access on port 23000 to other computers than just itself ?

Hope it is not too confuse

Thanks for your help


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As the explanation of -R in ssh(1) suggests, on NWD set GatewayPorts yes in /etc/ssh/sshd_config. Then connect with:

ssh -R user@NWD

where is NWD's local ip address. That should allow you to do

ssh -X -p 23000

from any of the computers on that subnet.

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I forgot to thank you, it works perfectly now ! – jtextori May 2 '12 at 17:11

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