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My matlab iso doesn't have the install file, only has a .exe file to install on windows platform, where can i find the install file?

i'm working with this instructions

sorry but i'm new in ask ubuntu and i can't show screenshot on this post

I'm working on ubuntu 11.10 and Matlab R2011B

thanks for your patience

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That video demonstrates installing the Linux version of Matlab under Ubuntu. It sounds like you have the Windows version of Matlab, so this leaves you with following options:

  • Get the Windows version of Matlab.
  • Try running your copy of Matlab under Wine.


  • Install linux version of matlab. According to this thread if you have purchased legally you should get matlab for windows,linux and mac without any extra cost.


  • Install windows in virtualbox and use matlab in that.

A quick introduction to Wine is available here.

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only i have the matlab for windows platform, i'll download matlab for unix platforms. thank you – MaAb90 Apr 7 '12 at 16:57

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