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I happened to be browsing through /var/log/messages for another reason, and I stumbled across some messages apparently related to Firefox like this:

Apr  5 15:36:59 myserver kernel: [18091.188462] type=1503 audit(1333658219.144:19):  operation="open" pid=6396 parent=1 profile="/usr/lib/firefox-11.0/firefox{,*[^s][^h]}" requested_mask="::r" denied_mask="::r" fsuid=1000 ouid=0 name="/shr/RiverTrip.gpx"

which are really puzzling me because I really don't see why Firefox would know about these files let alone output messages about them.

The /shr directory is an NTFS partition I set up on my laptop so I can access it with either Ubuntu or Windows XP. The messages are consistently showing up for a few of the files in that directory, but not all. I haven't even looked at those files or done anything else with them in a long time! I have no idea what's special with those files; they appear to be picked at random as far as I can tell.

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid), Kernel Linux 2.6.32-38, GNOME 2.30.2 and Firefox 11.0. I hope someone can explain these spooky messages!

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Hmm, apparently I can't officially answer my own question for 8 hours. Short answer: It was AppArmor (and Shooter). Long(er) answer: I'll post it when they let me. Thanks for looking! – Roy Apr 7 '12 at 1:33

O.K., after googling around, I think I can sorta answer my own question.

The messages come from AppArmor, a "security module for the Linux kernel" which I never knew about before. I'm still not quite sure why it gives me those messages, but it happens whenever I try to save a screenprint (I use the Shooter Firefox add-on) to the /shr directory. Firefox doesn't let me, and pops up a Download Error window ("because you cannot change the contents of that folder") which I never really paid attention to. I figured it was a permissions thing which I never bothered to look at or change since I was always satisfied with saving my screen print to another directory.

Anyways, I was able to test this and duplicate the messages. By the way, I was wrong when I wrote that there were only a few files that were being reported on; actually I missed the fact that there were all these lines like "__ratelimit: 96 callbacks suppressed" which means that there were more messages that the system withheld from the messages file.

I still don't know the why AppArmor felt the need to report on every file in that directory...

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