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I have two monitors, side by side, and my main monitor is on the left.

In Gnome Shell, the task-bar can be quickly looked at by moving the mouse to the bottom right hot corner, but since I have a monitor to the right, it is really hard to not simply fly over to the next monitor when trying to access it.

Can I move that hot corner so that it is on the left bottom corner?

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You can use this GNOME extension to change the messaging tray hot corner. But, it also moves the icons to the left side.

If you only want to change the hot corner and not the icons, you can use this extension:

By default, it only changes the hot corner of the overview. You can customize it to only change the hot corner of the messaging tray by following the instructions provided here:

To summarize the instructions, open the js file

gedit ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/

Edit the following line:



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I'm not sure if there's another way to do this, but you can find an extension that allows this here: Left/Middle Message Tray

You may need to hit Alt+F2 and enter the command 'r' (without quotes) to enable the extension.

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