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I have a D-Link DWA-125 Wifi USB key, which I managed to get running via this tutorial:

The only problem I have is that every time I upgrade the kernel I need to rebuild and re-enable the module.

Is there any way around this?

I am currently running 12.04 (I did have the same issue with the 11.10 release).

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Did you compile it with DKMS ? It's normal to have to recompile a module after a kernel update, module compiled with DKMS are automatically recompiled at each update.

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No it was not compiled with DKMS from what I can see. I will have a look around and see if I can figure out how to do that. Thanks! – Oliver Smith Apr 6 '12 at 7:35
Okay, if it works, don't forget to check answer ;-) – Bahaïka Apr 6 '12 at 7:51
Hmm a little more complex than I anticipated; when I am trying to compile I am getting a weird error: ERROR (dkms apport): binary package for dwa125-wireless-driver: 1.0 not found Error! Build of rt5370sta.ko failed for: 3.2.0-22-generic (x86_64) From what I can see the files are there (but bare in mind I did not know what DKMS was a couple of hours ago :) ) – Oliver Smith Apr 6 '12 at 9:02

For some reason I can't leave the comments but can only answer here:) I had the same problem with installing my card(rt2870). All I had to do is to rename the binary file(the one that ends with .ko) in the ../os/linux to the one that is missing and after that I run build again without any issues.

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I have a possible solution to having to manually recompile the kernel module. I wrote a simple script a while back to recompile kernel modules if DKMS support isn't available - it runs on boot, and asks the user if they want to recompile the modules if the kernel has changed. You can download it here.

I can't promise it'll work, but hopefully it should. If you use the normal (manual source) driver along with the script it should be OK.

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UbuntuOne File Service is closed and thus the link is dead. – Nephente Oct 1 at 6:45

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