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Is this plugin Repeat one song - working for anyone? (For new versions 2.9+) ?

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Repeat One Song

for rhythmbox 2.96-2.98

enter image description here

for rhythmbox 2.99.1 and later


From the pictures you can see that an option exists to repeat the selected track when the option is chosen.

To install, I would suggest my PPA (well I would!) where I have packaged it.

See this question and answer for further details:

Start Rhythmbox, enable the Repeat One Song plugin: Edit --> Plugins

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The Repeat One Song plugin (v0.2) still works in 12.04. It must be installed differently, though.

After downloading the plugin and extracting it to a folder, open your terminal and type

sudo nautilus

Navigate to /usr/share/rhythmbox/plugins under File System, create a folder named repeat-one-song and move the icon.svg file in the extracted plugin folder to that location.

Similarly, navigate to /usr/lib/rhythmbox/plugins under File System, create a folder named repeat-one-song and move the repeat-one-song.plugin and files in the extracted plugin folder to that location.

Now you should be able to open Rhythmbox, go to Edit->Plugins, enable "Repeat One Song," and the new repeat icon should appear next to the normal play controls.

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I just released Repeat One Song 0.3 for Rhythmbox 2.99+. In order to install, activate and make it work do the following:

Install: download the repeat-one-song_0.3_unstable.tar.gz.tar.gz file from the downloads section, extract and copy the files into the folder ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins/repeat-one-song

Activate: Start Rhythmbox, enable plugin: Edit --> Plugins -> Select "Repeat One Song"

Make it work: Edit (menu) -> Repeat current song, or use the Ctrl + E shortcut.

Ps.: It is still considered "unstable" because of a bug (IMO) on the Gstreamer player. As soon as there is a workround to it, I will make a better version.

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