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Ubuntu 11.10 recognizes my Windows 7 partition OK. Since that is where my work has historically been, I created links to various files and folders there. Everythingś fine until I reboot. Then the icon reverts to the generic and I am informed the link is no longer valid. I created the links by right-clicking the folder or file and selecting "Make Link" in the Windows folder, then dragging it to the Ubuntu desktop. How can I fix this? BTW, it worked OK with Kubuntu; I got seduced by the sexy Unity desktop.....

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Windows partitions (ntfs) are not mounted when you reboot ubuntu. So your link is invalid.

To do automount :

Option 1

Use NTFS Configuration Tool

You can install it from Ubuntu Software Center.

Option 2

Manually edit /etc/fstab.

Follow here

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Follow this guide - To mount partition automatically after reboot - This should fix your issue.

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