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I'm using CUDA 4.0 on a GPU with computing capability 2.1. One of my device functions is the following:

device void test(int n, int* itemp) // itemp is shared memory pointer {
const int tid = threadIdx.x; const int bdim = blockDim.x;

int i, j, k; bool flag = 0;

itemp[tid] = 0;
for(i=tid; i<n; i+=bdim)
{   // { code that produces some values of "flag" }
itemp[tid] = flag;


Each thread is checking some conditions and producing a 0/1 flag. Then each thread is writing flag at the tid-th location of a shared int array. The write statement "itemp[tid] = flag;" gets serialized -- though "itemp[tid] = 0;" is not. This is causing huge performance lag which technically should not be there -- I want to avoid it. Please help.

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