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Hello I am running ubuntu 11.10 and access it via ssh with putty. My problem is that when I log in I get the prompt$

and my arrow keys do what the y are supposed to. When I try to login in as another user account I made all I get is this as the prompt it never says the directory or anyting


Also when ever I try to use the left, right, up or down arrow I get a character like this


Is this a bug in putty or did I just not set the account up right?

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This happens if you created the user with the command


You then need to create the users home directory and copy the files from /etc/skel into it. They are .bash_logout .bashrc and .profile

If you use


this is all done automatically.

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This is because of the used shell . Try to type bash after you get logged. If it wirks, then set bash as the default interpreter for your user.

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