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To keep this question specific and on-topic, let me preface this by stating my intent is not to go into pros and cons of using one type of file manager over another. However, it is clear a significant group of people use console-based file managers, such as Midnight Commander or Ranger. I'd like to know their reasons for doing so.

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I'm a Midnight Commander addict, so let me add a few more points:

  • I find dual pane layout to be very efficient for file operations

  • Console keyboard managers are more keyboard-friendly, i.e. it is possible to navigate/select files/perform file operations without using mouse. When working in console, switching to mouse is a hindrance

  • Console keyboard managers are... well, console-friendly, i.e. it is easy to navigate the filesystem and issue commands in console at the same time. Or even assemble commands from file names you see in mc etc.

  • Muscular memory. Midnight Commander's commands are largely the same as Norton Commander used to have ages ago.

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There may be several reasons:

  • They do not depend on X Window, thus can be used even if there are no desktop environment such as a server.
  • They are fast and consume less resources (also say above), can be good for old or slow computers.
  • They can be powerful and flexible, though you need to learn a bit more than Nautilus.
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