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The btrfs tools package in 12.04 appears outdated and doesn't take advantage of the newer features such as scrub introduced in kernel v 3.0. How can I upgrade to a newer version? Do I need to compile from source?

I've installed the debian package from wheezy, same version is in sid. The package has the most up to date features, which I need. No system instability so far. Hope ubuntu gets it in the repository soon. Thanks for the advice.

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There are some instructions for getting the latest version at btrfs wiki. There is also a bug report asking for a newer version in ubuntu bug #894456

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Compile from source might be a good idea; you could also check if there is any package on the debian tree. (Look for the sid tree). In any case, trying to change a package like a fs managing package might corrupt the operating system or worse corrupt the file-system itself.

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This quantal package installed on precise for me and seems to be working well:

It may or may not work for you.

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