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Media Monkey has some great and simple music management tools, like batch renaming, moving, fetching meta-data, etc.

I use Picard for some music organisation, but it doesn't have as many options, namely that it will only automatically rename music it finds in its database.

I have a lot of classical music which isn't in any data base or is already named how I want it (in their file-names) and I want to write the correct meta data and organise these files into folders.

So is there other music management applications in Linux other than Picard with a similar feature set to Media Monkey?

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Have you tried Ex Falso, part of Quod Libet? (disclaimer: I'm one of the devs).

It's optimised for tag-obsessives and classical music, where tagging is a lot more complex. Though it works best on its own library (easily set up), you can still use the File System Browser with the tag editor to re-tag, rename, or number any of your files on disk:

enter image description here

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As to music organizer for Linux, have you tried Banshee? This list is about music organizing freeware, covering several linux-supported freeware as well.

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It is preferable if a summary is posted here, and the link provided for further reference. Answers with just links are not encouraged on Ask Ubuntu. – Mahesh Sep 18 '13 at 11:52

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