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I own a ASUS 1215N with the BCM4313 wireless radio. In windows I can connect to "n" wireless networks without problem however Ubuntu 11.10 can only "see" and connect to "g" networks.

I have already read through How do I get my Broadcom BCM4313 working correctly? and How do I get the Broadcom BCM4313 wireless working on an Asus 1015PX?. According to them i run the correct drivers and i have blacklisted everything useless. now this link says the 11.10 drivers have a bug and the OP solves this by compling himself a new driver, but how?

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Weather this solves the problem or not I dont know, but you compile the drivers by downloading them

uncompress and run

sudo make install
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Thanks, sadly it still doesnt work. Can see all the g networks from the neighbours yet my fathers n is not available, – Jan Apr 4 '12 at 21:30

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