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I try to install ubuntu 12.04 lts edition on acer latptop 4752G with core i5 and geforce 610m 1 gb video driver. But when i try for additional hard ware , no nvdia driver is loaded there. What could be the issue . I am not getting 16:9 resolution. Could you please help Regards

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The final release is April 26th. The kernel freeze is 5th. You might get lucky after the 5th an update. That may take care of your issues.

Currently 12.04 is a beta release. Use it as is.

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Yes i install current beta version with all the updates .. still not luck .. i will wait for 5th for updates for ubuntu 12.04 . apart from display 16:9 everything cool .. – coder Apr 3 '12 at 4:29

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