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Whenever I open up a program from Libreoffice3.5, it will open in its own launcher icon. For example, if I click on my docked "Writer", it will open it up in another icon.

Here's a screenshot:

I've also noticed that these opened icons are very blurry in icon, too...Any one else have this problem or a solution?

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I think that I have found a solution, one that works for me at least.

The same thing was happening to my chromium icon on the launcher. I fixed it by getting rid of the icon, opening the Dash (windows button), searching for chromium, and then dragging the chromium icon from the dash to the launcher.

Do not add it to the launcher by opening the application and then right clicking the icon and selecting 'lock to launcher'. I tried that, and it results in the same double-icon problem as before.

Hope this helps!

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I've actually solved the problem by simply installing the newest stable LibreOffice install. But, this fix does make sense! :) I'm accepting the answer to show that this is a valid way to make it work. – Ryan McClure Jun 16 '12 at 21:44

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