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I am trying to get my HTPC set up just how I like it.

I have Transmission scanning Dropbox for new torrents, and XBMC handling playback.

I want to use XBMC as the Desktop session, to speed up launch. How can I make sure transmission and dropbox are both launched and functioning behind XBMC?

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I believe XBMC has a transmission plugin. You could just install that and configure it from there. It will be in the addons section.

If you building and HTPC I would recommend looking into these.



Xbmc live

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See response #6:

This is from XBMCubuntu, but may work for desktop sessions as well. Everything with mode +x in /etc/xbmc/live.d/ is executed at the beginning of a session.

If that doesn't work, you can always add it somewhere else, such as in your local.rc or other file that is executed on a normal desktop at login.

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