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I am really struggling with this language issue.

I went to System->Administration->Language Support and moved Turkish (Türkçe) to the top. Then I clicked "Apply System-wide" and restarted.

However, after restarting, echo $LANG reported en_US.utf8, so I logged out and back in - and now it reports tr_CY.utf8.

Now here's the problem:

  • I have a file 'xxx.po' in /usr/share/locale/tr_CY/LC_MESSAGES
  • I run the following Python code:

    import gettext
    tr = gettext.translation("xxx",
    print tr.gettext("sample")

Although 'sample' should be translated, it isn't.

What am I doing wrong?

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That tr_CY (means Cypriot Turkish) has nothing to do with even a few hundred thousand Turk living in Cyprus. It should be tr_TR . Maybe after this modification, it works. Even if it works or not after modification, tr_CY is wrong, it should be tr_TR . – marenostrum Nov 6 '10 at 21:56
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I have a file 'xxx.po' in /usr/share/locale/tr_CY/LC_MESSAGES

The files in /usr/share/locale/<LANG>/LC_MESSAGES need to be in a binary format ('.mo' extension).

You achieve that by running msgfmt on the '.po' file:

msgfmt -c -v -o LANG.po

  • -c checks the po file format,
  • -v is for detailed output,
  • -o specifies the output file, where OUTPUT should be the name you used in 'bindtextdomain' and 'textdomain',
  • LANG.po the translation file.
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Thanks! Worked like a charm! – Nathan Osman Nov 6 '10 at 22:45

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