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Im using the Static Application Switcher to configure my ALT + TAB to cycle trough all applications not grouped. So far so good.

Then I press Super + D to "hide all normal windows" (show desktop). This setting is from Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Navigation. This also works


After hide all normal windows has been activated and I press ALT + TAB nothing comes up. I suspect they have been hidden so well that the Application Switcher does not longer sees them.

Anyone know if this can be fixed trough settings somewhere?

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This happens because that plugin works by default on "active" windows. You should consider to associate Tab shortcut to ALL windows.

Give it a try:

CCSM/Application Switcher/Association tab. Get rid of Next window / Previous window keyboard shortcuts and apply them to Next window (All windows) / Previous window (All windows).

Hope this helps.

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Spot on. Thanks a lot. – Jepzen May 6 '12 at 16:42

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